Sun Haven Valley Country Holiday Park Cornwall

Terms and Conditions for Sun Haven Valley Country Holiday Park


1 We recommend that you call us for accurate availability and to reserve your accommodation. Telephone bookings can be held for seven days to allow completion of the booking form - online or postal. If no booking form is received within this time we reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice. Bookings can be made online, but you may not have a say in the pitch or van you are utlimately allocated.

2 Please complete the booking form and send it to us with payment in full or a deposit of £85 per week and part week for each static caravan/chalet, and/or £40 per week or part-week for each camping/touring pitch. Please note that paying a deposit forms a contract to purchase a holiday, and you are liable for full payment of this booking. Our Holiday Cancellation Scheme is therefore compulsory (see below for full details) but only covers guests named on the booking form BEFORE the time of the claim. In some circumstances there may be a credit if you give us enough notice that we can re-let the accommodation.

3 Final balance payment must be made no later than six weeks before your arrival date and we do not necessarily issue reminders. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation without prior notice if these terms are not met but PLEASE NOTE that you may still be liable for the balance. Where we have been given card details we will automatically take the balance on this date unless we are informed otherwise and we will send you a courtesy email to tell you we have done so. Receipts will only be sent if you send us a stamped, addressed envelope.

4 Acceptance and continuance of bookings is at the discretion of the management and may be cancelled at any stage.

5 Camping and touring bookings for high season can begin on any day of the week, starting no earlier than midday on arrival day and ceasing before 10.30am on day of departure. Early arrivals and late departures may be available at a half day charge but must be arranged in advance. Latest arrivals are 8.30pm to avoid disturbing others. IF we take a summer season booking of less than 5 days we CANNOT guarantee you a specific pitch, nor that multiple bookings will have adjacent pitches. You must ensure that the 'pitching area' of site you book for your high season stay is large enough for your accommodation and the entirety of your equipment at the time of booking. For out of season variations please call us.

6 Caravans and chalet bookings for high season are from Saturday to Saturday only and commence after 3.00pm on arrival day and cease before 10.00am on day of departure unless otherwise agreed. Under no circumstances will your van be ready before midday and we do not accept early arrivals in our caravans.  Latest arrivals are 8.30pm unless pre-arranged. Short stays & extended weeks available at other times. For low season variations please call us.

Normal arrivals are before 9pm during high season ( Whitsun week, last 2 weeks of July & August) and before 5pm for teh rest of the year. If you are going to arrive out of these times please let us know.

7  Deposits are not refundable or transferable.  Changes to bookings after the deposit has been paid will incur up to a £15 administration fee and all changes are only valid if confirmed by ourselves in writing. No refunds can be given for inclement weather, force majeure and/or any resulting effects, or for unspent time.

8 Due to card/bank/security charges we regret that there will be a booking fee of £2.75/holiday.

9  If a presented cheque is returned to us or a card transaction refused, this wil be treated as a cancellation by yourselves and your holiday will be cancelled. The booking may may be reinstated (if not resold) or alternative accommodation allocated AFTER full payment has been successfully received PLUS a £15 administration charge .

10  Payment for holidays at Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park, either full or part payment, signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions. Please ensure you have read them.

11 If you arrive with a tent greater than 5m in 2 dimensions, or a caravan/motorhome or other accommodation greater than twenty eight feet long you will not be allowed to use your holiday unless we have pre-agreed this in writing. During Whitsun week, July and August, "undeclared" items brought onto the park (e.g. second vehicles, extra tents, extra adults etc.) will incur charges at double the prevailing tariff.

12 The information supplied on the booking form will be stored on our computer database for the purpose of future distribution to you of our advertising material and under no circumstances will be passed to any third party. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984 the submission of data signifies assent to this.


Sun Haven Valley is a small family run park and to ensure the enjoyment of all our visitors it is essential that certain rules are kept. We'd like to point out that the rules are not for the benefit of the site management, or even for you personally, but for the benefit of those people camping around you. Please read our terms. If you do not like them we will be happy to refer you to another park but (particularly during Whitsun, July & August) breaking any of the tenancy conditions, disturbing the holidays or comfort of others or behaving unacceptably towards any staff will lead to non-refundable removal and you signify acceptance of this, as all other terms, by paying money to Sun Haven Valley.  The decisions and interpretations of the management are final and no warnings will necessarily be given.

Unless pre-approved by ourselves, parties who do not meet the 'families and couples' requirement will not be allowed access to the park. Please call us if you are in doubt.  Only those persons on the booking form may use the parks facilities. Should the persons or details on the booking form change between time of booking and time of arrival we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

NO NOISE AND SILENCE AFTER 10.30PM  PLEASE NOTE - we are in the quietest countryside, there is no background noise at night so we enforce a silence/no-noise after 10.30pm by patrolling wardens. If you cannot take this please do not come - you will be asked to leave if you disturb others. During the day, excessive noise may not be made, that can be heard from outside the pitch or that is to the annoyance of others - so this excludes use of TV's in awnings, Radios, CD/music players - particularly played from cars - musical instruments etc.

FAMILIES WITH TEENAGERS We have NO club, NO bar and NO evening entertainment and only a small games room. Please consider this carefully as we may not be a park particularly suited to your teenagers, unless they are simply happy with a beach 10 minutes walk away. All children under 16 yrs old must be back at their accommodation by 9.40pm.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN. Children under 16 yrs old must be back at their accommodation just after 9.40pm or accompanied by an adult .  Parents are responsible for their children and supervision of their children at all times and must familiarise themselves with the site and signage on arrival. Children must not use the toilets/wash area as a playground.  The playground is suitable for children from 5 to 12yrs old, but parental supervision is essential.

Roller Blades, "heelies" or skate boards are not allowed on the park for reasons of noise and safety. Bicycles or push along scooters are allowed on park roads when used sensibly, but no cycling is allowed on the main entrance road as far as the fountain, around the toilet block, games & play areas or on the grass.

ARRIVALS  During "high season" i.e. Whitsun week & mid July - September 1st we will endeavour to have pitches ready by midday and holiday caravans by 3pm, but due to circumstances beyond our control this cannot be guaranteed. Access to the park before these times will result in a half-day charge. "Early access" to pitches can be pre-paid for a 07hs00 arrival - the latest arrival for campers is 20hs30 (unless you have pre-arranged with us when we will extend this to 21hs30) & the latest arrival for static caravans is 20hs30 unless you have made other arrangements with us. If you get lost or are late please call us or your accommodation may not be available. Out of the main season there is some flexibility on pitches and there may be some flexibility on holiday caravans, but only if you call us to pre-arrange it.

DOGS must be kept on a lead at all times and only exercised off the site. The dog may not accompany children walking around site. Dogs are not allowed in our caravans unless they are shown on the invoice, and are not permitted on the main lawns at any time. Dogs must never be left unattended in any tent or accommodation/vehicle and fouling, excessive noise or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.  You may be required to produce a ground spike and lead on arrival.  Should these rules be broken we will require that you remove your dog from the site.

No Smoking All of our buildings are (as legally required) non-smoking areas and our accommodation is non-smoking. Should there be aromas and/or evidence of smoking in a caravan there will be a cleaning and damages charge of £75
TERMS AND CONDITIONS These may be reasonably modified by the park management. The booking conditions for your holiday will be those in place at the time of the holiday. The written T & C's will supercede any verbal statements unless they have been confirmed in writing.

CANCELLATIONS  A deposit paid forms a contract to purchase a holiday and the 'lead name'  will be liable for the full amount.  Cancellations are not possible and the full balance will be payable unless you have a claim under our Holiday Cancellation Scheme (see bottom of page). If a booking is not claimed on the day of arrival we shall have the right to re-use or re-let unless otherwise pre-agreed. If you have paid in full, are unable to make the holiday and you have joined the scheme we will give a refund/credit according to the scheme rules, or if you haven't joined we may issue a "non-seasonal" credit for an equivalent number of nights that we can relet .
In the highly unlikely event of Sun Haven Valley having to cancel your booking our liability will be limited to the return of any money paid.


SMOKING is not allowed in any of the parks buildings or accommodation. If you smoke in any of our accommodations, as evidenced by the smell on your departure, there will be a £50 cleaning charge.    

MAX SPEED LIMIT of vehicles is 5 m.p.h (walking pace) and the one way systems must be adhered to. Vehicles are not permitted to drive or park across the main lawns at any time, and guests are reminded to park where and as instructed by staff. Our park gates are often locked at midnight and vehicles may not be used from midnight to 7am.

WEATHER & FORCE MAJEURE Please note that we are not responsible for the weather. There are no refunds for bad weather, force majeure or for the consequences of such events. You will be liable for payment and we advise you take out holiday insurance to cover this.   SHVHP Ltd is relieved from liability should the accommodation or other facilities be unavailable due to circumstances beyond it's control. You are effectively purchasing space in our camping field and if it rains the field will be wet, if you come after someone else has used the pitch the grass will show signs of wear. Please note that caravans, like houses, suffer faults in fitting such as plumbing, heating, door locks etc. and that we will effect repairs to such "break downs" in the fastest time that we can. Please note that we work on maintenance, cleaning repairs and 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with such equipment as desirable and you should expect occasional inconvenience by operations mainly being cleaning, rubbish collection and grass cutting and that caused by tradesman and use of power tools, leaf blowers, strimmers, lawnmowers, pruners, tractor & trailer and the like. Should circumstances be such that the managing director considers that it is reasonable that the holiday be terminated, the managing director may, at his own discretion, offer the termination, along with a refund for unspent time. The customer agrees that this is the pre-estimate of the liquidated damages under the standard prices paid unless a pre-negotiated surcharge has been agreed.

FOR STATIC CARAVANS The 'Lead Name' must check the inventory of the accommodation upon arrival and report any discrepancies as well as any subsequent losses, damage or breakages to either the accommodation or equipment. Minor damage such as breakages of crockery or glassware is not usually charged for, but you can be liable for loss and damage discovered after your departure.   Outgoing visitors should leave accommodation in a clean and tidy order or you agree that we may raise a charge of up to £50. Bicycles, surf boards, wet suits, boats etc, must not be taken inside or leant against static caravans or chalets. Please bring locks as necessary. Some of our caravans have had the lounge bed removed. Where they are fitted we do not allow their use without prior written approval. If we allow or find extra people in a caravan beyond our "maximum occupancy" this will incur a charge of up to £100/person/week or part week out of season and £200/person/week or part week during Whitsun, July & August, and £200/dog /week or part week at any time - this is designed to make it more economical for customers to hire the correct sized caravan. Persons found sleeping in the van in excess of our "maximum" limits without prior approval will cause your holiday to be terminated instantly without refund. We reserve the right to enter our accommodation at any time and also to any accommodation/vehicle on the property as is reasonable in the circumstances. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on site unless pre-arranged.

CHEMICAL DISPOSAL Chemical toilets and waste buckets must only be emptied at the points clearly marked. Grey water can be emptied directly into our drains by arrangement with management.

MAXIMUM TENT SIZES (APPLIES WHITSUN, JULY & AUGUST ONLY) – Whilst they are not prohibited we have restrictions on large tents during the Whitsun & summer season - "large tents" being those which have a 'footprint' bigger than 5m (16ft) in both directions. Most tents with a standard rectangular 'footprint' fit easily on our pitches (pitches are mainly 8m wide or more) but in order to ensure that statutory spacings between tents & caravans are maintained, we give "maximum tent size" of pitches on the website and will help you over the phone. Tents, caravans, awnings, gazebos et al. must be all be sited within this 'maximum tent size' area. Whilst we wil atempt to "size" your tent from internet sources, It is your responsibility to pre-check that the pitch is large enough as you will not be allowed to exceed the dimensions given. Alternative accommodation will not be available and if you do not meet our 'siting requirements' you will be required to leave the park, for which refunds cannot be given.

PITCH SELECTION Please note that whilst we will select, book & agree a pitch with you we retain the right to change your pitch as required by the necessities of the park and the business. This ESPECIALLY applies to high season bookings under 5 nights. Should we need to change your pitch this is not a valid reason for cancellation.

SECOND/PUP TENT SIZES The rates in the tariff table only apply to tents approved by us beforehand. Should you pitch more than one tent on a pitch without prior written consent from us, we reserve the right to charge you an extra PITCH fee.

VEHICLES All holiday bookings include one vehicle only. During Whitsun and Summer there are charges for further vehicles with no exception. Any arrangements for second vehicles free-of-charge (e.g. disabled adapted vehicles) need to be agreed by us in writing at the time of booking. Second vehicles may need to be in a car park away from your accommodation and please note we clamp vehicles with no car pass. Charges for cars brought to site and not pre-paid for are double those shown on the tariff. We reserve the right to enter our accommodation at any time and also to any accommodation/vehicle on the property as is reasonable in the circumstances. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on site unless pre-arranged.

WEIGHT LIMIT ON SITE We have a general weight limit of 2.5 tonnes per vehicle/caravan and we do not accept bookings from any vehicle or caravan over 28 foot. You should discuss with us BEFORE arriving in/with vehicles/towables larger than this limit since this will invalidate your booking upon which we would refuse you entry to the park. All vehicles, including towed trailers and caravans must be in roadworthy condition and correctly insured for damage to/loss by third parties. If any vehicle, trailer, caravan or equipment is left on site wthout previous agreement, the management shall be entitled to make such arrangements as they may deem fit for their removal. The expense of such removal shall be for the account of the customer.

HELP US TO HELP YOU - any fault, unacceptable hazard or risk should be immediately reported, and due diligence shown and applied by all persons in respect of any potential risk, however small, during your stay.

The park must be kept tidy and rubbish put in the bins provided.  Surf boards and sand-covered items ( e.g. wetsuits) may only be washed in the surfwash.  You are welcome to use your own barbecue provided that it is on legs or raised to avoid damage to the grass. Please use the stands provided for the disposable BBQ's available at the shop. The proprietors are not responsible for and cannot accept liability for any injury sustained by any person or damage to or loss or clients property.

Liability We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.

BENCHES We provide picnic benches for general use on the camping sites on a first-come first-served, basis on the conditions that we retain the right to mark them as reserved. In general there is no more than one/family and management reserve the right to withdraw some from the site or forbid their use on certain pitches or by certain customers (usually those who make noise after 10hs30). Please note that you MUST examine the condition of the bench before you use it and ensure that it is sound and safe to use. If it is in need of repair please turn it upside down to prevent it's use and report the matter to reception. Benches may not be removed from the holiday caravans. There is one picnic bench allocated to each holiday caravan and chalet.

VISITORS The Park is not open to the general public. For client and family safety, the accommodation booked can only be occupied and facilities used by the persons entered on the booking form for the dates shown. We reserve the right not to admit any visitors. Day visitors are only allowed if pre-booked either on the booking form or at reception on arrival. Visitors must report to reception on arrival, sign in and obtain a pass. All tenancy conditions apply to visitors who must adhere strictly to the park rules. On the campsite, Overnight visitors or unbooked day visitors will be subject to the daily charges for extra persons / cars / dogs etc. Sun Haven Valley reserves the right to terminate your holiday immediately for unbooked visitors. Visitors to static caravans will be allowed at no charge ( NOT during Whitsun, July & August )  to bring the van to no more than 'maximum capacity'. Undeclared or excess persons found to stay overnight in static caravans will lead to total eviction of all persons concerned. Where 2 persons discount has been applied, resident or non-resident visitors revoke this wear & tear discount.


Your booking forms a contract by yourself to purchase a holiday from Sun Haven Valley, accepting our terms & conditions. Should you decide to cancel your purchase, or the holiday be cancelled e.g through failure to pay, we regret that you would still be liable for the balance due. To protect you from this, the company provide a Holiday Cancellation Scheme at a fee of £5.00 /pitch/wk, or £10/caravan/wk which is compulsory unless you pay in full at time of booking, at which time you may take this as an option OR you may opt out in writing at the time of booking and carry the responsibility of payment for cancelled holidays. Under the scheme Sun Haven Valley will forgo any balance due & refund any monies paid, (excluding the deposit & cancellation fee which is our pre-estimate of our losses) provided that we receive written confirmation of cancellation of the holiday at least eight weeks before the start date. After this time & up to the date of arrival, Sun Haven Valley will only refund if cancellation is due to any of the following: - death, serious illness, serious personal accident, jury service or redundancy to a member of the booked party named on the booking form in an event that was unknown & unforeseeable at the "8 week" date. Failure to complete a booking form at the time the deposit is paid will restrict claims to the "lead name" only. Please note that you must cancel the holiday in writing for this scheme to apply and the cancellation must be sent by an acknowledged email or recorded delivery. This cancellations must be notified at the earliest opportunity as no claim will be entertained for any days before the cancellation notice is received and unecessary delays may invalidate any claim under the scheme. Claims will later have to be supported by a confirmable authoritative document, albeit possibly at a later date. Should you wish for more cover than this we would recommend you take holiday insurance.

If you have paid for the scheme and are not able to come but do not fulfil the above conditions & we are able to relet your pitch/caravan you would be entitled to a refund for the period we can relet, less any discounts we have to give and less your deposit & scheme payment - if you have not joined the scheme, have paid in full and are unable to take the holiday we may as a gesture of goodwill, issue a non-contractual "low season" credit for an equivalent number of nights to those that we can relet so the more notice you are able to give the better.

Please note that this is NOT an insurance scheme, it is a modification to our terms, and does not cover any event after arrival nor any cost other than monies due to Sun Haven Valley Ltd. For other liabilities and events you should take out commercial insurance.
Weather, and effects of weather are not a cause for cancellation. Should we have a wet summer the ground will be wet and should you come atthe end of the season area of the grass may be brown or damaged from previous use and your holiday has been priced accordingly.

RATES, PRICES & DISCOUNTS The rates and prices you accept at the time of your booking will obviously not change but park management reserve the right to alter advertised rates, prices & discounts. The "specials" & rates on the website over-ride those on the booking form.
Discounts are only claimable at time of booking.

Any extras, such as further nights, linen, damage, will be chargeable to any credit or debit card used for the original booking payment.

BOOKING PROCEDURE The stipulations within the booking procedure form part of the terms & conditions. It is agreed by the customer that any monies listed herein as forfeit upon cancellation, or extras payable are agreed by the customer as Sun Haven Valley's pre-assesment of damages for breach of contract.

Privacy Policy Any data collected during the course of this booking will be stored on our computer(s). With your permission we may from time to time contact you about promotions and offers. We will not sell, pass on or share your details with any third party.

Discounts Discounts can only be claimed at the time of booking and may be cancelled if the balance payment is not made by the due date.

Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park is run by Steve & Helen Tavener trading as Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park Ltd, company number 05701390 with it’s registered offices based on the park