Sun Haven Valley Country Holiday Park Cornwall

Are You Ready For Your Digital Detox?

Sun Haven Valley offers a picturesque location, with gorgeous views and peaceful surroundings - but being a Valley-in-a-Valley we have no mobile signal, sketchy TV signal and very poor internet connectivity.

**We have just received unoffical news that due to an EU subsidy we may be getting superfast broadband for 2019, but this has not been confirmed yet. We will keep you posted***

Mobile Telephone Service

All mobile companies have listed Sun Haven as a black spot for signal. We would rather advise that you will not get a phone signal than offer false hope, however every year a handful of customers get signal on the main lawns - if the wind blows in the right direction, it seems! - but there is no pattern as to which provider they're using. Our family use a selection of mobile carriers, including EE and Three Mobile and none of them work reliably for us.

We do of course have an old-fashioned coin operated telephone box on site, which is well-lit at the top of the site and open 24/7, otherwise you will need to walk or drive out of the Valley to get a signal on your own device.

TV Signal and Channel Selection

Our static caravans are all equipped with a TV with a selection of 22 satellite channels - these do change periodically depending on the strongest signals, and whilst we try to get the 4 "original" channels we cannot guarantee any others - and signal is patchy at best. There are DVD players in every unit, and all our televisions have scart in-put for those of you who wish to bring gaming machines. camping in cornwall - TV room

We regret that the TV input on our campsite bollards is not active. There are some customers who are able to connect their satellite TVs using aerials and dishes on their caravans and motorhomes, but our limited knowledge means that we would be unable to assist in connecting your equipment. There is however a large plasma colour-TV connected to our 22 satellite channels in the TV Room, next to the toilet and shower facilities. The building is locked at 21hs30 each night during the high season to help comply with our evening silence rule, and we expect all under 18s to return to their accommodation at this point.

camping holiday in cornwallComputers & Internet

We have internet, but here in our valley 'Super Fast Broadband' is about 5mb (on a really good day) and fibre connection is unlikely in our lifetime for this area!

We offer Wi-Fi connections across the park, but the service shares the same limited bandwidth, and due to configurations that we don't understand, some devices will not work, and those that will work must overcome inclement weather conditions, awkward locations (such as the far end of the campsite) and "line-of-sight" issues which will all affect the level of service, before you consider the number of devices that will likely be connected at the same time.

Wi-Fi is available for 0.5hr/day for free, but you can have longer, but in high season or at times of high demand there is a charge to 'ration out' the usage (max £9 per week). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that the Wi-Fi will work with your device, or how strong the signal may be. We recommend you take advantage of the free period to ensure connection before purchase.

We have public-access internet stations in Reception, the Information Room, and the Games Room working from 20p or 50p pieces. These are static computers which are connected to the internet constantly.

In Summary, if you NEED the internet for work commitments, your children really can't cope without a mobile signal, or the season finale is very important to yo,u we would consider our park unsuitable for your holiday, however you might surprise yourself with just much you enjoy your week off without these things..

For more information, feel free to call us on freephone 0800 634 6744 or send us an enquiry.