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Holiday Caravans & Bungalows Booking Confirmation Form

Please note we only accept bookings from couples and families

Step 1 - For an availability enquiry please complete the items marked ** OR for a booking confirmation call or email us beforehand to check the availability of the accommodation, we will treat this as an online booking form and will reserve your pitch for 7-10 days whilst awaiting your deposit

Step 2 - The first persons named on the booking form will be deemed responsible for the booking and all other persons named on the form.

Step 3 - Ensure you read our terms and conditions and click the box at the bottom of the page.

Names in Party
Names Age (<16)
Please provide your address
Contact Details **
Email  Tel
Car Details
Car Model  Registration No
Dog details**
 We will be bringing 1 dog Yes / No   Breed of dog  Colour
Arrival / Departure details **
I wish to arrive on(after 3.00pm)   Departing on(before 10.00am) 
Reservation **
 I have called & reserved Caravan No.   I have not reserved a Caravan with you. 
Type of accommodation required
3 Bed Bungalow (3 Bedroom, sleeps 5) 2 Bed Bungalow (3 Bedroom sleeps 4)
Grand Court (3 Bedroom, sleeps 6) Grand Manor (2 Bedroom, sleeps 4)
Manor Lodge (2 Bedroom, sleeps 4) Summer Six (3 Bedroom, sleeps 6)
Luxury Lawnside (3 Bedroom, sleeps 6) Luxury Lawnside (2 Bed-sleeps 4)
Lawnside (2 Bedroom,sleeps 4) Meadow View (2 Bedroom, sleeps 6)
Summer Four ( 2 Bedroom, sleeps 4) Valley (2 Bedroom, sleeps 6)
Linen Required?
(We supply duvets & pillows in the caravan price - supplying duvet covers, sheets & pillow cases is an extra, which when prebooked, includes us making the beds for your arrival )
Own bed linen Yes (if selected ignore below options)  
Or Provided Linen Yes  
If linen is to be provided -  

Double bed at £12.50 Yes No

Number of single beds at £9.00 each  
We require a Cot  
We require a High Chair  
We require a Bed Guard  

The accommodation booked can only be occupied and facilities used by the persons entered on the booking form for the dates shown. For client and family safety, casual visitors are not allowed so all visitors must report to reception & all tenancy conditions apply. A £2/car/day charge ( £5 in high season) will apply to occasional visitors though pre-booked visitors will be free of charge when confirmed by ourselves. Any "2 adult" discount may be revoked by the presence of visitors & undeclared visitors may lead to the termination of your holiday.

For payment by cheque please make payable to Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park.
I have read and agree to accept the conditions shown, and confirm that on your receipt of this booking enquiry form I become responsible for any outstanding payments and I am responsible for all other named above. I consent to a £50.00 levy to be paid if excessive cleaning is deemed to be required. being at this time over 18 years old.

I have read and agree to your terms and conditions
Please check the box. Or read our Terms and conditions here.

Deposit Payment
Please call us with your card payment details Or please pay your deposit into our customer deposit account at Barclays Bank using your surname or our invoice number as your reference "Sun Haven Valley Holiday Park Ltd" . Sort code - 20-87-94, Account Number 33970558
Deposit Amount:
£85.00 - Deposit for 1 week in a static caravan
£170.00 - Deposit for 2 weeks in a static caravan

I have paid the deposit into the bank account  
I have paid over the phone  
I will call to pay over the phone  

Questions or comments
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If not. Were you recommended by a friend? Yes No
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and if 'yes' which one
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If none of the above can you please tell us how
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